Aerial Photo of a City at Night

How did “Bolt” come to be our whole brand?

The Founding Five were on a Zoom call at the beginning of the year, planning out our goals for 2020 with regards to building this company and how we wanted our community outreach to represent all of us. We may or may not have (ha!) gotten a little distracted when we ended up in a mildly heated conversation about which Harry Potter house we’d sort into! Suddenly, it clicked. 

One of the Founding Five is a track star — always bolting to the finish line. Another of the Founding Five seems to collect sunglasses as though her life depends on it. All of the Founding Five have serious passions for music. And of course, we’re in Atlanta! It was a no-brainer. The creative sides in all of us came out and...

The very same night, Bolt was born — logo and all! Soon after, this video was created (thanks to JibJab!). Did we spend about 10 minutes laughing about how the sunglasses don’t match up?! HA, YES WE DID! Work is never work when you can make it fun and productive. ;) 

Let’s BOLT!